About | Mito Downtown Revitalization Project


The Mito Downtown Revitalization Project aims to create a reusable model of regional revitalization.

  • This project aims to revitalize Mito through collaboration between the private sector and local government.
  • Projects are implemented simultaneously with people, capital, and knowledge at the forefront.
  • In order to best serve the community, we take local people‚Äôs opinions and suggestions into consideration for future projects.
  • Targets to achieve1
    Increase the number of residents
  • Targets to achieve2
    Increase pedestrian traffic
    (defined as total weekly foot traffic)
  • Targets to achieve3
    Unused or vacant land
    Repurpose unused or vacant lots, shuttered shops, and abandoned buildings downtown into places for people to gather
  • Targets to achieve4
    Create a media entity
    Create a new local media platform (TV, internet, FM radio)
  • Targets to achieve5
    Develop a
    compact city
    Turn Mito into a compact city through developing new transportation systems, and become a leading example of successful regional development