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Currently, there are projects completed or underway!

  • Project 1
    Project  1
    Ibaraki Robots basketball team acquisition and renovation of Azumacho Gymnasium
    Basketball brings the city together in this state-of-the-art arena.
  • Project 2
    Project  2
    GLOBIS University Graduate School of Management established a campus in Mito, Ibaraki in April 2017
    This is the University’s sixth campus, in addition to locations in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Sendai, and Fukuoka. The first class had 89 students!
  • Project 3
    Project  3
    M-SPO: a sports center and gymnasium,
    cafe and open space
    M-SPO is located in the middle of downtown Mito, and creates a space for people of all ages to gather.
  • Project 4
    Project  4
    M-WORK: a place for individuals, corporations, or students who want to start their own businesses to meet and exchange ideas
    Lectures and other events related to entrepreneurship, as well as a business planning contest for high school students are held to encourage new ideas.
  • Project 5
    Project  5
    M-HISTORY: Dr. Michael Thornton published Mito and the Politics of Reform in Early Modern Japan, a book that outlines Mito Domain’s role in Japan’s historical influence
    In the nineteenth century, Mito became the birthplace of a revolutionary ideology that transformed Japan into a modern, imperial nation-state. The book focuses on the stories of Mito’s politicians, philosophers, and ordinary people from the beginning of the domain’s history to its end. Originally published in Japanese, an English version of this book was published in 2022. Over 500 contributors were interviewed in the writing process.
  • Project 6
    Project  6
    M-TRAD: an initiative to maintain,share, and pass on Mito’s traditional performing arts
    This project supports geisha performing the Tokiwa dance, a traditional dance troupe, and kagura [Shinto music and dance] performers. The project also aims to preserve the world of the geisha. We hope to expand the activities to include the preservation of Suifu [traditional] swimming techniques, Hokushin Itto-ryu [swordsmanship], and Suifu [paper] lanterns.
  • Project 7
    Project  7
    M-ART: supporting young artists
    Contemporary art from Mito was developed around Art Tower Mito. This project supports a variety of expressive activities, including street art by using vacant buildings and other sites as canvases.
  • Project 8
    Project  8
    M-GARDEN: also known as The Tokiwa Pavilion (The Kobun-tei pavilion in 2019 and beyond) was completed in July 2020
    M-GARDEN is an event space, conference hall, and wedding venue where visitors can enjoy the Tokiwa Shrine and Kairakuen Garden, which overlooks Lake Senba.
  • Project 9
    Project  9
    LuckyFM: Acquiring Ibaraki Broadcast System
    LuckyFM provides information and news on sports, music, and lifestyle, and educational content to people in and outside of Ibaraki Prefecture.
  • Project 10
    Project  10
    M-LAKE: A place of rest and relaxation by Lake Senba
    This will be a place where people can gather to appreciate the beauty of Lake Senba. The project is scheduled to be completed in 2023.
  • More projects coming soon!